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Helping Students with Special Needs Prepare for the Future: School Life to Adulthood…

Transition planning is about looking ahead to the future and preparing for adulthood.  Consideration must be given to such things as living arrangements, community programs, employment opportunities, further education opportunities, health care, recreation and social activities.  Early planning is crucial in order to build the most effective transition planning process. Transition planning is a partnership involving student, parent, other family members, teachers, friends, community and adult service providers, employers and any other individuals with a vested interest in your child.

As part of the Individual Education Plan (IEP), a plan for the student’s transition from secondary school to a post-secondary setting must be developed with input from the student, parent(s)/ guardian(s), the principal, school staff, community agencies, and postsecondary institutions, as appropriate. The plan should reflect the student’s needs and goals for his/her future consistent with the IEP Standards.

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